10 Hottest Jewelry Organizer Ideas

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry OrganizerEach woman and young girl store some fine jewelry and accessories which help her to complete her style. So there is arising a big question: how to store all those necklaces, earrings and bracelets to organize them and make possible to get them easily in case of need.

You can try to use various boxes, special containers or even cups. It can be useful for rings and simple bracelets but necklaces, chains and earrings can tangle among themselves delivering additional inconvenience to their owner. Actually I’ve learned by practical experience that the best way to store jewelry is to hang it.

You can find a lot of designers and accessory producers offering tons of different hanging frame and branch jewelry organizers. They are solving both the problem of a an jewelry storage and interior decorating. If you think that such organizer will cost you a lot of money or will require a hard work to make it yourself you’re making a big mistake. Literally for one evening you can make an organizer for your jewelry using old picture, broken chessboard, door handles, hooks, dry tree branch from your garden, some fabric, paint remains after your house renovation and other junk in the storeroom.

There are 10 great DIY Jewelry Organizers I’ve found in different crafters’ blogs.

  1. This jewelry stand from a chessboard won’t require any investments from you, just a little diligence.
    Chessboard Jewelry Organizer
  2. Your husband’s friends gave him the pair of Antlers as a funky BD present and you are going to throw them out? Don’t. You can make a fine jewelry display like this:
    Antlers Jewelry Hanger
  3. A piece of radiator grates taped to the back of the photo frame is turned into perfect solution for the earrings storage.
    DIY Jewelry Framed Organizer
  4. This Jewelry Frame is made of wood board upholstered by sackcloth and the jewelry can be hanged on different door handles.
    DIY Canvas Jewelry Organizer
  5. Another vintage jewelry hanger can be made from decrepit board or driftwood and few old furniture knobs.
    DYI Vintage Jewelry Organizer
  6. This framed jewelry organizer can be used to both: to display your pretty necklaces and to keep them tangle-free. It’s easy to make it yourself if you have a vintage frame, a peg board cup to size, some hooks and knobs.
    DIY Jewelry Frame
  7. Improvising with recycled material for your new jewelry frame think about wine cork. The cork is more soft material then the wood so you don’t need to drill holes to drive in the hooks holding your jewelry. Pinterest had given me this idea for hanging my jewelry on the wine cork frame.
    Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer
  8. Even old broken rake at your garage can help you to hang your beads, necklaces and bracelets. Here is another Pinterest idea.
    Rake Jewelry Hanger
  9. Not only garden equipment can be repurposed for jewelry storage, but also the cookware is able to help for that purpose. Here is the cheese grater earring organizer.
    Cheese Grater Earrings Organizer
  10. A rustic idea that’s easy enough to do on your own.  Choose a straight branch for the base and either nail or use wire to attach sturdy twigs.
    Branch Jewelry Hanger

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