Beads Shape, Colour And Coating Classification

Czech Glass Bead - Spaghetti AmberThe basic types of beads are round, cylindrical and decorative beads  (tears, daggers, flowers, leaves, hearts, cubes, rectangles, drops, ovals etc.)  The beads can be made of opaque or transparent glass and may have brilliant or matt surface and various coatings: colors, rainbow, lustered, galvanized and other coatings. There are Czech glass beads with different holes treatment – the beads with round and square holes, silver and color lined beads.

Round Beads

Natural opaque colors beads are made of opaque glass in various colorings and juicy shades, without a brilliant coating. In use they also called “ceramics”.  These beads are compatible with other types of beads and can be used for embroidery and weaving of any products, especially in ornaments.

Opaque colors lustered beads made of opaque glass in various colorings with a brilliant coating. Many masters call them “porcelain”. They are irreplaceable for ethnographic patterns making.

Opaque colors rainbow beads are made of opaque glass beads of various colors with an iridescent coating.

Natural transparent colors beads are beads made of color glass without an additional covering. They are recommended for flowers making, and just as a basis at weaving with imposing.

Transparent colors lustered beads made from color glass with a brilliant coating. Usage of these beads in weaving of souvenirs, ornaments, jewellery and embroidery is good.

Transparent colors lustered and colour lined beads made of transparent color glass with the painted aperture which color which differs from color of the basic glass. That creates the double color effect and interesting light game at different illumination. They are grate in use for costume jewellery, souvenirs, interior ornaments.

Transparent colors silver lined beads made of transparent color glass with sparkling coating. The hole surface of this beads kind is executed by a “silver” sputtering. The Beads holes shape can be round (r.h.) and square (sq.h).

Transparent colors rainbow beads made of color glass with a poured iridescent coating.

Crystal lustered and color lined beads made of colorless glass with a color hole and a brilliant coating. These beads have a wide spectrum of application – an embroidering of pictures and panels, weaving of any souvenirs, flowers, toys, handmade interior stuff, cheerful ornaments. Their working name is “lusters”.

Crystal silver lined and dyed beads are transparent beads of colourless glass with a color hole and sparkling coating. This kind of beads can have round (r.h.) and square (sq.h) sections of holes.

Matt beads are opaque beads with a not brilliant surface and «soft roughness» which is result of the matting in special installation, therefore such beads price above, than other kinds. A variety of technological processes of surfaces processing allows creating of unusual combinations. So we have transparent iridescent matt beads, semimatt silver lined and matt metallic beads.

Metallic colors beads are opaque beads with «metal» dusting in bright tones. It is applied at embroidery of pictures and souvenirs making.

Metallic beads are opaque beads with a galvanic coating in quiet colors. You can also meet them under the name “galvanized”. It is applied at weaving of souvenirs and in an embroidery to furnish of separate elements under “gold”.

Iris colors beads are opaque beads with the iridescent color coating of various colorings with prevalence of a violet, dark blue, brown or hematite tint. Apply them in handmade jewellery or articles of interior.

Ceylon and color lined beads are translucent beads with a colored aperture and a coating with cold shine of pastel tints. Jewelry makers usually call them “pearls”.

Striped rocailles are translucent beads that are covered by two or three color. They are good for fantasy products.

Genuine gold lined are beads made of transparent colourless glass which aperture surface is covered by the brilliant “gold” paint. This kind of beads can have round (r.h.) and square (sq.h) sections of apertures.

Shell colors are opaque beads in honey-milk tones. Sometimes they are called “pearl”, because their soft shine really reminds pearls.

Dyed alabaster beads – opaque beads with an intense color coating and porcelain shine. They are often used in jewellery.

Dyed chalk is opaque beads in bright colorings without shine. They can be applied successfully at weaving of souvenirs.

Marble or melange beads – opaque beads with free designs and strips of different tints of one color which have  “badly mixed color glass” effect. These beads are very effective and steady against external influences. They are perfect for making jewelry in ancient or ethnic style and compatible with beads made of natural stones, shells, wood and metal.

Cylindrical beads

This kind of beads involves the bugles and cut beads. They strongly differ from round beads. Cylindrical beads are notable for appearance and mysteriously sparkling shine giving especial conviviality at artificial illumination that makes them the fine partners of other beads for evening ornaments and accessories. They are issued almost all same kinds, as round beads.

Decorative beads

Among all variety of  decorative beads there are tears, daggers, flowers, leaves, hearts, spaghetti, rectangles, drops, ovals,  triangular, cubic, six-coal, etc. So the variety of modern kinds of beads is great and it is capable to satisfy any master’s imagination.


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