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Woven Thread Earrings: Easy Tutorial

16 Nov 2012

Thread Woven Earrings

Welcome all constant readers and new visitors of the blog «Handmade jewelry A-Z»! Today we introduce new very interesting and unusual tutorial which traditionally doesn’t require special jewelry making skills 😉 See tutorial

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DIY Macramé Bracelet with Beads

10 Jul 2012

Macramé bracelet free tutorialWhat is summer jewelry? It is lightness, bright colors, original design, sea motives, noticeable accessories, and more. Let’s make so easy, soft and fresh designed macramé bracelet with beads. This bracelet requires only 2 hours of your time, a few plastic or glass round beads and waxed thread. It doesn’t require great knotting skills, you just need to learn two macramé knots:  square flat knot and the Capuchin knot. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own macramé bracelet.

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10 Hottest Jewelry Organizer Ideas

09 Apr 2012

DIY Wine Cork Jewelry OrganizerEach woman and young girl store some fine jewelry and accessories which help her to complete her style. So there is arising a big question: how to store all those necklaces, earrings and bracelets to organize them and make possible to get them easily in case of need.

You can try to use various boxes, special containers or even cups. It can be useful for rings and simple bracelets but necklaces, chains and earrings can tangle among themselves delivering additional inconvenience to their owner. Actually I’ve learned by practical experience that the best way to store jewelry is to hang it.

You can find a lot of designers and accessory producers offering tons of different hanging frame and branch jewelry organizers. They are solving both the problem of a an jewelry storage and interior decorating. If you think that such organizer will cost you a lot of money or will require a hard work to make it yourself you’re making a big mistake. Literally for one evening you can make an organizer for your jewelry using old picture, broken chessboard, door handles, hooks, dry tree branch from your garden, some fabric, paint remains after your house renovation and other junk in the storeroom. See 10 DIY Jewelry Organizers

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How to Choose a Necklace?

05 Apr 2012

Necklace "White coffee"If you can’t choose a necklace or you just don’t know what one will suit you this article is here to help you! First of all, looking for a necklace you should consider its length, shape, and of course you need to determine with pricing.

The choice of a necklace or pendant depends on a dress which you are going to carry with. Next thing which you should take into consideration is your face form and features of your figure. If you have a plump breast and a thick neck to which you wouldn’t want to draw attention, choose unpretentious jewelry.  Read more about How to Choose a Necklace

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Flower Jewelry

26 Mar 2012

Faberge Red Hibiscus Cuff

The female beauty is similar to a flower. It is not surprising that women in every possible way try to emphasize that statement – in clothes, jewelry, perfumes. Ladies generally select spicy flower spirits: marvelous flavor of roses and lilies, a gentle smell of the violets, the strong spicy flavor of a magnolia and oleander, a fresh smell of mint … Through the ages women in every possible way try to associate themselves with a flower: Gentle rose, Refined Orchid, Bright Gerber, Elegant Lily or even Magnificent Hibiscus. The flower jewelry has become the best accessory to create a gentle, fresh and original image.

Read more about Flower Jewelry

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Jewelry Made from Unusual and Recycled Materials

19 Mar 2012

Kate Cusak zipper jewelryMany women think that for the jewelry making they should buy a great amount of beads, crimps, chains etc. Partially it’s true. So the majority of jewelry makers are becoming addicted to buying all that staff. Often it’s spilling into pretty penny. At this post I am going to show you how some jewelry makers solve that problem by using unusual and recycled materials. At the previous post we considered the ribbon as a material for broken beads decorating, but here is a question of more extreme way of the jewelry making with using of the very trivial staff.

Read more about Jewelry Made from Recycled Materials

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Pandora beads – luxury from Denmark

17 Feb 2012

Pandora gold braseletPANDORA is a rather young jewelry brand and its history counts only 30 years. However for such a short term it has conquered hearts of many women. After all Pandora beads are original, colourful and they can make your jewelry incomparable. The small Danish firm which was opened in 1982, and at that time no one could imagine that “the imperceptible” firm from Copenhagen will become known all over the world and will be the legislator of the unique Pandora Style.  Pandora sites the “accessible luxury” segment and it is really accessible to a wide range of customers – pricing starts from $150 (silver basis with wood or murano glass beads) and comes to $5000 (gold basis with jewels). Read more about Pandora beads »

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History of Costume Jewelry

31 Oct 2011

egypt brasletAnother name of a costume jewelry is “bijouterie”, a French word that means “jewels trading”. A shorter “bijou” means “jewelry, treasure”.

The costume jewelry history has begun in the Stone Age. About 40 000 years ago Cro-Magnons were the first who have started to use stones for the jewelry making. Their jewels were also made of bowls, teeth, and ivory. Through thousands of years the interest to the stone jewelry has increased. At the time of Ancient Egypt it reached the peak, when the techniques of manufacturing glass threads of opaque blue, green or turquoise color have been opened. Read more about History of Costume Jewelry

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Japanese Traditional Jewelry

13 Sep 2011

Japanese traditional jewelryJapanese women’s traditional costume has not accept wrist jewelry and necklaces, so hair ornaments were the only type of japanese traditional jewelry. So they have become the main way of a self-expression as well as a demonstration of taste and wealth of their owner. When about 400 years ago the style of the female hair changed and the long straight hair was laid in intricate and fantastic shapes – nihongami, hair ornaments have get a very important role in the wardrobe of a Japanese woman. Japanese kushi (combs) and kanzashi (hairpins) became the expressions of the female character, social status and marital status. Woman’s hair can tell us what social class she belongs to, whether she was married or single, we can learn her age and even quantity of her children. Often, the cost of the hair ornament exceeded the cost of the expensive embroidered silk kimono. Prior to the modern era, the decorative combs and hairpins, known as kanzashi, have been an important part of Japanese fashion and social culture. Read more about Japanese traditional jewellery »

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Handmade Jewelry Care

17 Jun 2011

Necklace "Red flower"

Czech glass beads in the beaded jewelry is a popular fashion accessory, but like every piece of jewelry, they require a periodical care. It is recommended to protect the costume jewelry from water, chemical liquids, cosmetics, perfume, lotions and influence of high temperatures and sun rays. Handmade jewelry should be stored in a dark and dry place; tightly closing caskets are perfect for that purpose. Nevertheless the dust gets to the attaching points of beads and stones, and there is a dark deposit emerges on the metal findings. The metal jewelry is usually well cleaned by dry soft rag such as a microfiber cloth.  But some materials require execution of special recommendations. Read more about jewelry care

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