Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads

Czech fire polished beads are beautiful faceted glass beads that have been made by Czech glass bead makers for hundreds of years and are still very popular today because of their high reflective brilliance and compatibility with other types of glass beads.

Fire Polished beads are glass beads that are faceted by machine. Then beads are placing in ovens or over open flames. So the beads surface and edges are getting a softer, polished look. Due to the fire polishing we’ve got the perfectly beautiful beads with soft glow and brilliance. But in short distance you can tell the difference between a machine-cut and a fire-polished bead, because the bead’s facets are not exactly sized and the edges aren’t so “sharp”. Nevertheless from a distance that difference is unnoticeable. Moreover, this feature gives Fire Polished beads a special charm!

Fire polishing is a less costly way to finish the beads using heat, not individual machine cuts.  However all stages of fire polished beads production require careful attention. Their size varies from 3mm to 22mm.  Beads are given their size through breaking as opposed to other glass beads kinds which are cutting.  Due to the plenty of finishes and effects Czech fire polished glass beads became very popular. They have translucent and opaque color, which they get through a various coating. Two-tone and several-tone beads give handmade bracelets, necklaces and earring an adorable look. The coating of beads with “aurora borealis” effect gives them a rainbow shimmer which is amazing! Some other types of coatings that give exclusive looks to the beads are gold lustrine coating, opaque coating, galvanized coating and vitrail coating.

The production, designing and coloring of fire polished beads requires highest skill and using modern techniques.  Glass bead makers shape them into round, oval, square, heart, roller, spaghetti, drops and other forms. These beads are perfect for handmade jewelry making. For example, these vintage earrings at the picture are made of fire-polished round 96-cut beads.


Fire Polish beads can be complemented with many other glass beads, silver and crystal beads in an incredible fashion. The variety of coloring, shapes, different types of coating of Czech fire polished beads made them popular with jewellery makers, clothes designers and even interior decorators.


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