Flower Jewelry

Faberge Red Hibiscus Cuff

The female beauty is similar to a flower. It is not surprising that women in every possible way try to emphasize that statement – in clothes, jewelry, perfumes. Ladies generally select spicy flower spirits: marvelous flavor of roses and lilies, a gentle smell of the violets, the strong spicy flavor of a magnolia and oleander, a fresh smell of mint … Through the ages women in every possible way try to associate themselves with a flower: Gentle rose, Refined Orchid, Bright Gerber, Elegant Lily or even Magnificent Hibiscus. The flower jewelry has become the best accessory to create a gentle, fresh and original image.

Dior's RoseThe flower theme in the jewelry art appeared at the time of the Renaissance when ladies decorated themselves with earrings and pendants which represented small compositions of floristic motives. At the 17th century the flower motive was the principal form-building element of jewels. Flower-shaped pendants with semi-precious stones as petals were popular among young women. During the Romanticism era in the second half of the 18th century the jewelry art was enriched with paradise motives of flowers, plants, birds and snakes. As at this time bijouterie came into fashion. Progressive women decorated themselves with the necklaces and bracelets in the flower style, made of inexpensive alloys, decorated with glass beads and false pearls. The birth of still widely known jeweler brands belonged to this period like Tiffany (1837, the USA), Cartier (1847, France), Bulgari (1884, Italy) Faberge (Russia).

OrchidThe modern fashion lines are actively using flower motives. For example, the new jewelry collection of Dior fashion house is devoted to roses, Christian Dior’s favorite flowers. He often used images of these flowers in prints, styles and jewelry… This season Victoire de Castellan, the creative director of jewelry Dior line, devoted her new collection named “Le Bal des Roses” to the rose theme.

The modern technologies and techniques offer us the opportunity even to wear jewelry made of fresh flowers. For example Hanami Real Flower Jewelry is made of real, natural flowers which are
carefully selected for originality, color and shape. Every selected flower is then dried, preserved and covered with several coats of resin, to achieve a hard and durable finish.

However every handmade jewelry master can make any flower using plastic or glass beads: flowers, leaves, bells,  petals, daggers, tears and other forms. The flower brooch like this will add the spring spirit to your style:

Brooch with Flower

 Have you already decided which flower expresses your style? If not, maybe you will find something in our inspiring gallery.

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