Gemstones in Jewelry

DiamondsThroughout the ages gemstones have been objects to treasure and collect, important both as commodities an as symbols of wealth. The attraction of the gemstones has always been tied to their incredible ability to play with light. Certainly, the raw stone looks ordinary, but often they are processed by the nature powers like wind, sand and water. So people began to make jewelry and other adornments with natural stones. Initially they could process only soft minerals such as agate, amber and quartz. However in the middle of the 15th century the jeweler of the Burgundian duke Ludwig van Berkem for the first time has faceted a diamond, and in the 17th century people have learned to saw the diamonds. Now the precious stones are the gorgeous material for making necklaces, rings and other expensive jewelry.

Avanturin EarringsBut jewels are not only the beautiful appearance. In the ancient times it was considered that the kind of stones and especially their color had an influence on the character, health, and destiny of the person who wore the gemstone jewelry.

Precious stones are usual minerals that are valued highly for their beauty, durability and rarity. But, as a rule, just a special processing gives them a beautiful look.

Through more than 2,000 identified natural minerals less than 100 stones are used as gems, and only 16 ones have achieved importance in jewelry making. The most popular gems are the diamonds, which color varies from yellow to bluish white and the size reaches few inches. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the other gems used for jewelry, as well as less expensive chrysoberyl, topaz, and zircon.

Carnelian earringsNow many kinds of precious stones produced artificially. The era of fakes began in 1902 when the French chemist M.A. Vernel has presented to the world synthetic rubies, and later he could receive artificial sapphires and spinel. However in spite of considerable quantity of ornaments made of artificial jewels, they haven’t reduced the price of original gems which were born by the nature, and though had the magnificent form and properties.

Gemstones which are beautiful, but abundant are semiprecious. The semiprecious stones are used for jewelry making as often as the precious ones. Moreover, often they are used as the stone talismans.  There are a number of specific characteristics that are ascribed to gemstones: color, atomic structure, hardness, gravity, and cleavage or fracture.  The gemstones are most often minerals (such as topaz), but they can be organic (like coral and pearls) or rock (such as lapis lazuli).

Blue Coral Earrings

A mineral is an inorganic solid crystalline structure that’s found in the Earth’s crust. There is a plenty of their kinds: amethyst, quartz, carnelian, aventurine, garnet, opal, aquamarine, jade, turquoise, agate, onyx, cats eye, malachite and others.

Organic gems are derived from living things, such as animals and plants, and they come in the form of amber, fossils, coral, and pearls. Although all of them are classified as organic gems, each of them has been formed in a unique manner. For instance, amber is the pine-tree resin that fossilized millions years ago, coral is the secreted skeleton from coral polyps, and fossils originate from shells and bones of animals that were trapped in layers of rock. Pearls are formed naturally inside mollusks such as oysters to counteract the irritating effects of sand inside the shell.

Tiger's Eye Earrings

Rocks are the combination of two or more minerals such as Tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli and moonstone. Semiprecious stones are used at manufacturing jewelry as often as the precious ones. Thus, often they are applied as stones-talismans.  It is believed that the cosmic energy transmitted by the stones would resonate back to the wearer, creating positive energy that, in turn, would bring good luck and happiness.

So purchasing the gemstone jewelry you should pay a special attention to the stones within it. You should take into account their color and shape, the equivalence of those gemstones to your individual birthstone.  However, if you feel that the jewelry is pleasant to you, and the stone seems to be “yours”, the astrologists’ advises become unimportant.


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