Handmade Jewelry Care

Necklace "Red flower"

Czech glass beads in the beaded jewelry is a popular fashion accessory, but like every piece of jewelry, they require a periodical care. It is recommended to protect the costume jewelry from water, chemical liquids, cosmetics, perfume, lotions and influence of high temperatures and sun rays. Handmade jewelry should be stored in a dark and dry place; tightly closing caskets are perfect for that purpose. Nevertheless the dust gets to the attaching points of beads and stones, and there is a dark deposit emerges on the metal findings. The metal jewelry is usually well cleaned by dry soft rag such as a microfiber cloth.  But some materials require execution of special recommendations.

So, I recommend keeping the following rules to care the shine and excellent appearance of your handmade jewelry:

jewelry cleaning– Don’t let the pieces of your jewellery touch with each other with keeping, differently they can have scratches;

– Don’t allow the getting of varnish, spirits or deodorants on the jewelry. These substances (just as sea or pool water) contain acid elements which can spoil the costume jewellery;

– Never wear the jewellery during playing sports and don’t sleep with them, because they can break;

– Fasten brooches on clothes before you dress it. In this case you will be assured that the fastener is well clasped and the brooch is in the right place;

– Don’t wear brooch on that shoulder, on which you carry a handbag or fasten a car seat belt;

Necklace "Night"If you need to clean the jewelry made of the glass beads you should place them inside the container with a hot water and a small amount of soap. Then allow time for any grime on the jewelry to loosen, then remove your beaded jewelry from water and gently remove any dirt with a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, use a standard glass cleaner to clean your glass beads. Just spritz a small amount of cleaner on the bead, and gently polish the bead with a soft cloth. You can also buy special jewelry cleaner in a jewelry shop to polish your handmade necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Another way to clean the glass beads is to soak them in a pure rubbing alcohol, and dry it off. In this case you should be sure your glass beads do not have a color, luster or aurora borealis coating because the alcohol could potentially damage it. And one more tip – use no chemical cleansers for pearls, corals, metals with a galvanic covering (rhodium, silver).

Following those simple rules you can make your handmade jewelry shine like it was recently made.


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