How to Choose a Necklace?

Necklace "White coffee"If you can’t choose a necklace or you just don’t know what one will suit you this article is here to help you! First of all, looking for a necklace you should consider its length, shape, and of course you need to determine with pricing.

The choice of a necklace or pendant depends on a dress which you are going to carry with. Next thing which you should take into consideration is your face form and features of your figure. If you have a plump breast and a thick neck to which you wouldn’t want to draw attention, choose unpretentious jewelry. 

Collar Necklace "Manycoloured flower"The nature awarded you a fine swan neck? Emphasize this advantage by means of a short Collar Necklace or a Chocker with a beaded pendant! The chocker densely clasps a neck at its basis and it’s perfectly combined with dresses with wide cut, scoop neck and off-the-shoulder ensembles. But if you have a short neck chocker is not your choice because such necklace shortens it even more. Silver necklaces or thin gold chains are suitable for a business suit or casual clothes.

Collar necklace with garnet flowerThe long necklaces falling below clavicles and reaching breast draw attention to your neckline. A thin chain with pendant is a perfect jewelry for the dress with deep decollete. The pendant with pearls, semiprecious gemstone or Czech glass beads perfectly looks combined with the same earrings.

The long evening necklace has an exclusively elegant look. You should pay attention to a long beaded, pearl, or beaded semi-precious gemstone necklace. They can be carried in their natural look, in one thread, it is stylishly and elegantly. The same necklace can be turned into a stylish multiple-row bead bracelet. Long beaded necklace which falls below a breast, or Rope Necklace, visually extends the top part of a body.

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