How to Make Airy Crocheted Necklace with Beads

Airy Crocketed NecklaceAiry necklace is a floaty necklace crocheted with fishing line and beads or stones. To make it you need such materials:

1. about 100-130 feet of soft fishing nylon (the thinner line the softer product is);
2. a 3 mm crochet;
3. two pins with a ring;
4. two bead caps;
5. a clasp (a carrot clasp is ok);
6. and of course beads. You can use round Czech beads of one or more colors, sizes and shapes, seed beads or even stones (or a stone crumb).

round black beadsround red beadsround brown beadsround grey beads

The other required tools are:

1. a piece of corrugated board, fabric or big pillow;

2. few pins to spread out a crocheted chain before assembly it as a necklace;

3. round pliers to work with jewelry findings.

First, thread 13-14” of beads randomly on the fishing line keeping it on the spool:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Important note: Don’t cut a thread! When the necessary quantity of beads is gathered simply move them further on a thread releasing a place for the new ones.  Remain 15” from the line beginning and make a slip knot then make 6 chains:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Move a bead (or 3-4 seed beads) up  then make one chain. If you have no skill in crocheting – just grasp a thread after a bead with a crochet and draw it out through the chain. So you will receive such “ringlets”:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

To make the necklace more airy you can alternate chains with 2-3 beads with empty chains (without beads). For example, first make a chain with 3 beads, then make a chain with 2 beads and then make an empty chain:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Continue crochet in such manner until you have reached the desired length (15” in our case). For easy necklace assembly our big strand will consist of several strings separated by 5-6 empty chains:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Then continue the crocheting, each time increasing length of a strings between 5 empty chains on 0.5-0.7”: the first string we made is 15”, then we have 5 empty chains, the following string should be 15.5”, again 5 empty chains etc.

Decide how airy and big you want your necklace then make crochet enough strings to achieve your design. In this case we have made 12 strings. We finish the last piece of a strand by the same 5 empty chains  and 2” of thread and finally cut it. Be sure to make a knot or whole your work will be vain. Then, display the turned-out long strand as a zigzag on a fabric or a pillow. In places of 5 empty chains fix it by pins:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Now we can start assembly. By means of round pliers slightly unbend a ringlet on a pin to get chains on it. Carefully, one by one, remove eyelets from tailor pins and get them on a pin. Having finished, we bend a pin ringlet to not let the chains come off:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Hide the empty “ringlets” on a pin by the cap. Further get some beads on a pin almost till the end of a pin (it is necessary to leave a little place for fixing). By means of round pliers make a ringlet for a clasp on a pin:

Airy crocheted necklace easy tutorial

Finish the other side of a necklace in the same manner. And voila! The airy crocheted necklace is ready!

Airy crocketed necklace

This easy tutorial is translated from the original russian one: “Airy necklace: Tutorial”.

Another examples of Airy Crocheted Necklaces with Beads and Semipresious Stones:

Airy crocketed necklaceAiry crocketed necklace

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