Jewelry Made from Unusual and Recycled Materials

Kate Cusak zipper jewelryMany women think that for the jewelry making they should buy a great amount of beads, crimps, chains etc. Partially it’s true. So the majority of jewelry makers are becoming addicted to buying all that staff. Often it’s spilling into pretty penny. At this post I am going to show you how some jewelry makers solve that problem by using unusual and recycled materials. At the previous post we considered the ribbon as a material for broken beads decorating, but here is a question of more extreme way of the jewelry making with using of the very trivial staff.

The first jewelry maker who is coming to my mind is Mana Bernardes. Her gorgeously thought-provoking jewelry made from plastic bottles, circuit boards, phone cards have become extremely popular on-line. She advises to think well before throwing away something that you consider as a trash. Even a soda can cap may become an unusual pendant that is guaranteed to cheer you and your friends.

Soda can cap as a pendant

Mana Bernandes gives to things the second life, and that life is improbably beautiful and graceful. The usual plastic bottle turns to a graceful masterpiece in talented Mana’s hands. Could you imagine that hairpins are becoming an elegance evening necklace?

Plastic recycled necklace Hairpin necklace

If you will take a look at the usual staff from the unusual angle I am sure you can apply it for the jewelry making.   For example, ordinary things like gel grip erasers can be used for beads decorating:

Gel gripsBeads and gel gripsGel grip earrings

Dare to discover a new material for the jewelry making and you risk becoming rich! Another designer Kate Cusak decided to use zippers for her jewelry line. Kate showed us that the zipper is more than a fastener.   Turned in a spiral in unexpectedly playful directions an usual zipper can become a perfect material for the elegant and graceful jewelry. Now retail prices of her Zipper necklaces range from $400 to $1200 according to the complexity and design.

Kate Cusac Zipper Jewelry  Kate Cusac Zipper Jewelry

Well, being original is not easy in the modern life. It requires imagination and certain courage but talented and uncommon thinking people through their work show us that we shouldn’t be scared of being different. Be courageous, bright and original, and let the world playing with colors you brought.

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