Lampwork beads – beads for luxury bijou

The name “lampwork beads” appeared long time ago when these beads were made at home at the table with the help of a lamp. Lampwork beads are unique among the glass beads thanks to their production method and technology. They are only handmade and because of that every bead is unique and can’t be exactly copied. Only the real master can change the glass rod to the real masterpiece. The difficulty of making and creative designs of the lamp beads are the reasons of a high price level.

For making the lamp beads the master needs glass rods approx 50-75 mm long and 7-12 mm thick, a metal rod called a mandrel, a torch and some other tools. The mandrel is coated with a white powder that will allow the bead to be taken off the rod when the bead is finished. The master slowly introduces the glass rod into the flame (originally it was the flame of a gas LAMP) and keeps heating the glass until the molten blob forms on the end. He spins continuously the glass rod to prevent it from dripping off the hot glass. Then the molten glass is wound around the mandrel while slowly turning the mandrel. When the base bead has formed, other colors of glass are added to create individual designs. Pure gold (24 karat) and real silver foil are often used inside or outsides the lamp beads.

Thanks to their exclusiveness, beauty, creativity and eccentricity the lampwork beads are used first of all for making luxury costume jewellery. In earrings, necklaces and bracelets the lamp beads occupy usually the central place. They are used singe as well as in combination with other glass beads or seed-beads. This bijouterie is always modern and stylish.

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