History of Costume Jewelry

31 Oct 2011

egypt brasletAnother name of a costume jewelry is “bijouterie”, a French word that means “jewels trading”. A shorter “bijou” means “jewelry, treasure”.

The costume jewelry history has begun in the Stone Age. About 40 000 years ago Cro-Magnons were the first who have started to use stones for the jewelry making. Their jewels were also made of bowls, teeth, and ivory. Through thousands of years the interest to the stone jewelry has increased. At the time of Ancient Egypt it reached the peak, when the techniques of manufacturing glass threads of opaque blue, green or turquoise color have been opened. Read more about History of Costume Jewelry

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Japanese Traditional Jewelry

13 Sep 2011

Japanese traditional jewelryJapanese women’s traditional costume has not accept wrist jewelry and necklaces, so hair ornaments were the only type of japanese traditional jewelry. So they have become the main way of a self-expression as well as a demonstration of taste and wealth of their owner. When about 400 years ago the style of the female hair changed and the long straight hair was laid in intricate and fantastic shapes – nihongami, hair ornaments have get a very important role in the wardrobe of a Japanese woman. Japanese kushi (combs) and kanzashi (hairpins) became the expressions of the female character, social status and marital status. Woman’s hair can tell us what social class she belongs to, whether she was married or single, we can learn her age and even quantity of her children. Often, the cost of the hair ornament exceeded the cost of the expensive embroidered silk kimono. Prior to the modern era, the decorative combs and hairpins, known as kanzashi, have been an important part of Japanese fashion and social culture. Read more about Japanese traditional jewellery »

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The Basic jewelry making techniques. Part 2

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02 Aug 2011

Earrings "Red Berry"Everyone can learn to make handmade jewellery. It is incredible easy! You should just have a desire, time, and a little patience. Practice will allow you to master to perfection all possible techniques and cunnings. In the first article “The Basic jewelry making techniques” we have acquainted you with elementary methods, such as opened and closed threading, an interweaving, technique of using of stoppers and technique with using of knots.

Now we will pass to more difficult jewelry making methods.

Read more about Jewelry making techniques

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The Basic jewelry making techniques

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18 Jul 2011

necklace "Lilac"For thousand and thousand years much things changed, but, there is something that remained invariable – a women’s desire to be beautiful. There is an opinion that the jewellery was invented even before clothes! At that time different plumelets, pebbles and leaflets have been used as jewelry. Jewelry in more habitual to us look, have appeared already at ancient Egyptians. Beads, coulombs, pectorals of that time amaze with a subtlety and skillfulness of the execution. They were considered as a wealth and prosperity symbol.
Read more about basic techniques of jewelry making

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Handmade Jewelry Care

17 Jun 2011

Necklace "Red flower"

Czech glass beads in the beaded jewelry is a popular fashion accessory, but like every piece of jewelry, they require a periodical care. It is recommended to protect the costume jewelry from water, chemical liquids, cosmetics, perfume, lotions and influence of high temperatures and sun rays. Handmade jewelry should be stored in a dark and dry place; tightly closing caskets are perfect for that purpose. Nevertheless the dust gets to the attaching points of beads and stones, and there is a dark deposit emerges on the metal findings. The metal jewelry is usually well cleaned by dry soft rag such as a microfiber cloth.  But some materials require execution of special recommendations. Read more about jewelry care

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Gemstones in Jewelry

02 Jun 2011

DiamondsThroughout the ages gemstones have been objects to treasure and collect, important both as commodities an as symbols of wealth. The attraction of the gemstones has always been tied to their incredible ability to play with light. Certainly, the raw stone looks ordinary, but often they are processed by the nature powers like wind, sand and water. So people began to make jewelry and other adornments with natural stones. Initially they could process only soft minerals such as agate, amber and quartz. However in the middle of the 15th century the jeweler of the Burgundian duke Ludwig van Berkem for the first time has faceted a diamond, and in the 17th century people have learned to saw the diamonds. Now the precious stones are the gorgeous material for making necklaces, rings and other expensive jewelry. Read more about Gemstones in Jewelry

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Czech Garnets in Jewelry

24 May 2011

Czech garnet earringsCzech garnets – also known as Bohemian garnets – are deep red Pyrope garnets, which are the variety of garnets with saturated dark red color. Deposits of the Czech garnets are in the north of Bohemia, northwest from Prague. The Pyropes were found in the territory of the Czech Republic more than thousand years ago. Besides, the pyrope deposits are known in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Russia, India, Tanzania, Norway. The oldest Czech garnet jewelry dates back to the 10th century. Read more about Czech Garnets in Jewelry

Murano Beads And Jewelry

17 May 2011

Millefori Murano BeadsMurano glass jewelry has always been an exclusive staff. It’s not only achingly beautiful, but it also carries a powerful positive energy. As Murano beads  are made directly by the hands! They are valued highly because of embedding of soul and live person feelings in the production process of that incredible artwork.  The Murano glass beads, also known as Venetian glass beads, are very trendy, widely demanded all over the world.

The history of the Murano glass started in 1291, when the city council of Venice had decided to move glass workshops on the island of Murano to protect the masters’  secrets from the competitors and guard the city from the fires, which could be caused by the heated master mines. The glassmakers have got the highest privileges, but lost the right to leave the Murano Island.  In three hundred years the glory of Venetian glass has become truly global. Read more about Murano Glass Beads

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Jet Costume Jewelry

11 May 2011

Jet necklace

Jet bijou or black bijouterie is one of the phenomena of the jewelry production.

The history of the jet jewelry goes back thousands years ago. The jet was called “black amber” by Romans and Babylonians and was thought having recovery abilities from epilepsy, for example. After the Romans the monks began to make jet rosary and crosses. The most beautiful jewelry from the jet was found near Whitby, England.

In the middle of the 19th century thanks to the exhibition in London and new modern trends the jet jewelry became famous worldwide. From those times the jet became the accessory not only of the high society (in 1861 after the prince Albert’s – the queen Victoria’s husband – death the jet became the official mourning jewelry) but also of the rich petty bourgeois.  Read more about Black Jewelry

Lampwork beads – beads for luxury bijou

04 May 2011

The name “lampwork beads” appeared long time ago when these beads were made at home at the table with the help of a lamp. Lampwork beads are unique among the glass beads thanks to their production method and technology. They are only handmade and because of that every bead is unique and can’t be exactly copied. Only the real master can change the glass rod to the real masterpiece. The difficulty of making and creative designs of the lamp beads are the reasons of a high price level. Read more about Lampwork Beads »

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