Pandora beads – luxury from Denmark

Pandora gold braseletPANDORA is a rather young jewelry brand and its history counts only 30 years. However for such a short term it has conquered hearts of many women. After all Pandora beads are original, colourful and they can make your jewelry incomparable. The small Danish firm which was opened in 1982, and at that time no one could imagine that “the imperceptible” firm from Copenhagen will become known all over the world and will be the legislator of the unique Pandora Style.  Pandora sites the “accessible luxury” segment and it is really accessible to a wide range of customers – pricing starts from $150 (silver basis with wood or murano glass beads) and comes to $5000 (gold basis with jewels).

Often the Pandora jewelry is assembling according to the taste of the client, therefore buyers return in shops not less than once in a year to pick up a new pendant or a bead to their Pandora bracelet or necklace. In other words, Pandora lets feel everyone like a real jewelry designer. You can make absolutely exclusive ornament within few minutes, just stringing on a thread or a chain the pleasant combination of “details”.

Pandora beads and charmsJeweler company Pandora ($648 million) according to the results of 2009 became the third among the top high-profit jewelry companies, after Tiffany ($2,71 млрд) and Bvlgari ($1,29 млрд). The Pandora retail chain sells jewelry in 47 countries of the world through 10000 stores. Twice a year company issues fashion designer collections of original beads which become the object of desire of collectors worldwide.

Pandora Bracelets have unique weaving and they are divided by three sections with small jumpers. The bracelet is clasped by the latch which also reminds a bead and looks like an element of the general design. Each Pandora bead is equipped by an internal thread and wound on a bracelet basis. Beads are moved freely and rotate with driving of your wrist, creating an attracting and charming effect.

PANDORA style beadsThe bracelet assembles from vital memoirs. The essence of assembling of the Pandora bracelet is that you are getting beads in honor of bright events in the life – the first kiss, weddings, births of the children, an unforgettable travel. All that shouldn’t be forgotten that is always pleasant to remember. The bracelet is assembling for years. Therefore it gains a special value that is more than monetary cost. The bracelet becomes really expensive and favorite.


  1. At first, you should get the basis of a bracelet, it is called “bracelet”. The bracelet basis is made of  leather, metal, and silver more often. Everyone selects to himself a material the bracelet made of according to his taste.
  2. Then buy Pandora beads and put them on a bracelet. There are three types of beads: ceramic ones, divider beads and clamp beads. There is a wide range of bead materials: from glass lampwork and ceramic beads to expensive precious metals. Everyone can find for the bracelet that bead that he/she likes and can allow.

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