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Jet Costume Jewelry

11 May 2011

Jet necklace

Jet bijou or black bijouterie is one of the phenomena of the jewelry production.

The history of the jet jewelry goes back thousands years ago. The jet was called “black amber” by Romans and Babylonians and was thought having recovery abilities from epilepsy, for example. After the Romans the monks began to make jet rosary and crosses. The most beautiful jewelry from the jet was found near Whitby, England.

In the middle of the 19th century thanks to the exhibition in London and new modern trends the jet jewelry became famous worldwide. From those times the jet became the accessory not only of the high society (in 1861 after the prince Albert’s – the queen Victoria’s husband – death the jet became the official mourning jewelry) but also of the rich petty bourgeois.  Read more about Black Jewelry