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How to Make Airy Crocheted Necklace with Beads

14 May 2012

Airy Crocketed NecklaceAiry necklace is a floaty necklace crocheted with fishing line and beads or stones. To make it you need such materials:

1. about 100-130 feet of soft fishing nylon (the thinner line the softer product is);
2. a 3 mm crochet;
3. two pins with a ring;
4. two bead caps;
5. a clasp (a carrot clasp is ok);
6. and of course beads. You can use round Czech beads of one or more colors, sizes and shapes, seed beads or even stones (or a stone crumb). Read more about How to Make Airy Crocheted Necklace: Easy Tutorial

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Tips for Ribbon Jewelry

02 Mar 2012

Have you ever stumbled upon a nice necklace or a bracelet in the favorite fashionable magazine with thoughts “Are you serious? $1000 for three beads and 20 inches of ribbon?” Brands like Lanvin sometimes overestimate their influence on women. I was recently browsing through an Elle magazine (2009) and saw this necklace.

Lanvin ribbon and pearl necklace

They offered  me spend $890 for some ribbon and faux pearls!  I immediately thought of how I could make something similiar. So I made my first beads for half an hour. Read more about Tips for Ribbon Jewelry »

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Pandora beads – luxury from Denmark

17 Feb 2012

Pandora gold braseletPANDORA is a rather young jewelry brand and its history counts only 30 years. However for such a short term it has conquered hearts of many women. After all Pandora beads are original, colourful and they can make your jewelry incomparable. The small Danish firm which was opened in 1982, and at that time no one could imagine that “the imperceptible” firm from Copenhagen will become known all over the world and will be the legislator of the unique Pandora Style.  Pandora sites the “accessible luxury” segment and it is really accessible to a wide range of customers – pricing starts from $150 (silver basis with wood or murano glass beads) and comes to $5000 (gold basis with jewels). Read more about Pandora beads »

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The Basic jewelry making techniques. Part 2

Posted in: Handmade jewellery
02 Aug 2011

Earrings "Red Berry"Everyone can learn to make handmade jewellery. It is incredible easy! You should just have a desire, time, and a little patience. Practice will allow you to master to perfection all possible techniques and cunnings. In the first article “The Basic jewelry making techniques” we have acquainted you with elementary methods, such as opened and closed threading, an interweaving, technique of using of stoppers and technique with using of knots.

Now we will pass to more difficult jewelry making methods.

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The Basic jewelry making techniques

Posted in: Handmade jewellery
18 Jul 2011

necklace "Lilac"For thousand and thousand years much things changed, but, there is something that remained invariable – a women’s desire to be beautiful. There is an opinion that the jewellery was invented even before clothes! At that time different plumelets, pebbles and leaflets have been used as jewelry. Jewelry in more habitual to us look, have appeared already at ancient Egyptians. Beads, coulombs, pectorals of that time amaze with a subtlety and skillfulness of the execution. They were considered as a wealth and prosperity symbol.
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