The Basic jewelry making techniques

necklace "Lilac"For thousand and thousand years much things changed, but, there is something that remained invariable – a women’s desire to be beautiful. There is an opinion that the jewellery was invented even before clothes! At that time different plumelets, pebbles and leaflets have been used as jewelry. Jewelry in more habitual to us look, have appeared already at ancient Egyptians. Beads, coulombs, pectorals of that time amaze with a subtlety and skillfulness of the execution. They were considered as a wealth and prosperity symbol.

Now the jewelry became accessible to all people and they open a huge space for creativity and self-realization before every woman. To make it more accessible, I will open the basic jewelry making techniques.

The first technique you need to know is threading. In this case you just need to have a thread and some combination of beads which suppose to be threaded. Such piece of jewelry is called “opened” when threads edges are not fixed and your creation can be simply fastened behind a neck like the “Lilac necklace” on the photo. The necklace or bracelet is “closed” when the threads edges have a clasp. An example is a necklace on the next shot, made of Czech red round beads, two colored cubes and seed beads, and it is closed by a bar and a ring toggle clasp.

Using the metalized rope or the thick fishing line for the costume jewellery making you can use two basic techniques.
The first is an interweaving. Taking primary some threads and having fixed them together, you should wear beads on them and interweave them as it’s showed in the pattern. That technique is used for making of necklace “Garnet Flower” .

The second is a technique of using of stoppers, when beads on the wire or the fishing line are fixed by stoppers from both sides. The beads can be different in color, shape and size and they can be also placed on a different distance. For instance, a pendant “Blue Spider” is made in the technique of stoppers.

Very interesting and funky looking is the jewellery made with using of knots. The knot is a fundamental element of the beaded jewelry. For that purpose different threads are used: waxed, rubberized, nylon, silk, leather, suede, cotton etc. Different types of beads can be divided by knots: large original or small uniform beads, gemstones, glass beads or even wood beads like in the Wooden beige necklace at the gallery. Every type of threads requires special techniques and methods. For example, nylon treads can be used in the macramé technique, but they can’t be used independently as they are quickly untied.
This article doesn’t open all secrets and doesn’t describe all techniques of the jewelry making. It is  just the first part of my “Jewelry making” cycle.
To be continued …


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