Tips for Ribbon Jewelry

Have you ever stumbled upon a nice necklace or a bracelet in the favorite fashionable magazine with thoughts “Are you serious? $1000 for three beads and 20 inches of ribbon?” Brands like Lanvin sometimes overestimate their influence on women. I was recently browsing through an Elle magazine (2009) and saw this necklace.

Lanvin ribbon and pearl necklace

They offered  me spend $890 for some ribbon and faux pearls!  I immediately thought of how I could make something similiar. So I made my first beads for half an hour.

For those who want to have fashionable look and be modern, each time changing their style without spending a lot of money, I would like to show some interesting variants of ribbon jewelry. You just need some satin (organza) ribbon, a broken bead necklace and a thread or a fishing line. Look attentively at a photo and you will understand that making them is very easy.

Making ribbon jewelry

Changing ribbons you can pick up accessories to each suit. The small flower will add some charm. Folded ribbons are making your beads more interesting and their own beauty is more marked out. 

Ribbon necklace with flower

Using the ribbons of two or more colors you can take the elegant, bright and cheerful variant of your new beads. You can also experiment with the width of a ribbon and a size of beads. By the way pearls are not the only choice for the ribbon jewelry, glass beads are perfect too! In some cases the satin ribbon can add somewhat rough look, so changing it on organza will solve that problem. The thread of beads simply interweaved by ribbons looks more original and funky.

 Green ribbon necklace

Another ways of the ribbon using in jewelry making are:

1. Interweave ribbon with different chains. Add a flower made of glass petals and you’ll have a new MARNI styled necklace.

2.  Threading your beads on a ribbon (thin organza is perfect).

MARNI necklace with flowerNecklace "Lilac"

So ladies, choose the variant and try. I think you won’t be disappointed by result especially when your accessories will cause the emotion and admiration splash, surprising your friends.

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