Woven Thread Earrings: Easy Tutorial

Thread Woven Earrings

Welcome all constant readers and new visitors of the blog «Handmade jewelry A-Z»! Today we introduce new very interesting and unusual tutorial which traditionally doesn’t require special jewelry making skills 😉 At the same time we will acquaint you with one of the most ancient weaving technique called a “ganutell”. This ancient exclusive needlework came to us from Malta. Using a thin wire, silk threads, beads or pearls ganutell masters create the real works of art: from beautiful flowers to church altar ornaments. This art is still widespread on Malta.

That technique is also used by Peruvian designers for making so funky and authentic thread earrings and pendants. Thanking to its lightness and transparency such jewelry is perfect for summer. Besides silk threads are shining on sun in a stunning way!

 Required materials and tools:

 1. wire: thin and thick;

2. silk thread of different colors or embroidery thread ;

3. scissors;

4. ruler;

5. nippers;

6. earring findings (suspension brackets for ear rings).

Thread earrings. Required materials


 1. Making of a Spring

 With help of nippers cut off necessary length of a thick wire. Its length equals to the length of a circle of ear rings. Then start to reel up a thin wire on a basic thick wire such tightly as possible. When it will be reeled up mark the middle of spiral. Leave 1-2 cm from the both ends of wire not reeled up.


2. Extension of a Spring

 Now you need to stretch a little your spiral and make the distance between rounds match to width of a thread. Surely watch that distance to be constant. Then pass another thin wire through the spiral.


3. Creation of a Form

Now you should think about the form of your earrings. We decided to make them in the form of a droplet. It also may be a circle, heart, rhomb etc. When the forming of earrings is finished you need to make a loop, having braided the ends of wires together at the earring basis.

 4. Thread Winding

 It is the most interesting moment in work. First choose the color combination and general design of the thread earring. Some designs use glass beads and pearls additionally to the thread. If you decided to use beads you need to string them on a thread before you start winding. So fix the thread end at the framework basis and reel up a thread starting from the middle of spiral which you marked. Continue to reel up in the direction of the earring basis, without passing any spiral turn. Change threads of different colors in any order till all frame will be filled.

5. Finishing

Fasten earring clasp or hook and viola! Enjoy your new thread funky earring!

Tutorial prepared by Insomnia_m

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